These MicroStation programs are free to use. No support. No bug fixes (except if I want to). No obligations.

That said. Go ahead and try them out!


CoordCross is an MDL-program (MicroStation v8i) for placing coordinate cross data. The program can place crosses and/or coordinate information in several ways.

The program is currently for Swedish only. Please contact us if you are interested in a translation.

More information in this blog post.


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TxtReplace is an MDL program (MicroStation v8i) used to replace text key words with actual values. This can be used to insert filename, list of reference files, dates etc. The program can replace several predefined key words with their actual values. The program recognize the following key words; $DATETIME$, $X-COORD$, $Y-COORD$, $FILEPATH$, $FILENAME$, $FILEEXT$, $RFPATH$, $RFDIR$, $RFNAME$.  Configuration variables and system variables will also be expanded.

More information in this blog post.


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Document Color Table

This MicroStation VBA macro documents the attached color table. The color table can be placed in the active design file or written to a text file. Along each color the actual color values are printed as RGB, YMC, YMCK and HSV.

  • Load the macro
  • Place color table: vba run PlaceColorTable
  • Write color table: vba run WriteColorTable


More information in this blog post.


  Download VBA-project