We focus on solutions related to Oracle Spatial and Bentley Systems, CAD / GIS applications MicroStation and Bentley Map. We work independently of vendors and software platforms and have been working more than 25 years with solutions for municipalities.

An effective GIS system gives users access to the right information at the right time and creates the best conditions for making the right decision.

A selection of projects

Road database

We have worked closely Norconsult Astando with projects related to Local Road database (LV) from Tekis AB. This is a system used by many Swedish municipalities for storing road networks and all types of data that can be linked to the road network or an address. Read more at Tekis website .

In this project, we have developed a MicroStation based editing client and been involved in the maintenance and development of the connected Oracle Spatial database.

MicroStation FDO Reader

MicroStation FDO Reader is an application for reading spatial data from a variety of spatial data sources directly from MicroStation. It is build on the FDO open source standard and makes it possible to connect to many different data sources. Read more about the MicroStation FDO Reader.

Utility Location map for City of Stockholm

We have developed a map production client for the Utility Location map for City of Stockholm. This map production client is based on Bentley Map and Oracle Spatial and is a part of a web based order system where customers can order utility location maps prior to starting digging and/or drilling operations.

City planner

We develop and sell a MicroStation based software for City Planners. This is an easy to use map production client to create complete plans according to national standards. Read more about the software

ISM client for MicroStation

Along with Spatial Technology (now part of Cartesia), we have developed a MicroStation client with support for read, write, and edit of ISM data. Learn more about the ISM .


In the project e-Adept, we have worked with software development and loading of pedestrian and bicycle networks. e-Adept is a unique cooperative projects in the areas of navigation, travel planning and warning. The project aims to create services that can increase accessibility in the community for the elderly and for people with disabilities.