We have worked with MicroStation for 25 years and can help you with software development, customizations, system configuration and training. MicroStation is a powerful program but also very complex. We will help you to use the program in the best way possible. This will result in powerful users and happy system administrators.

Software development

We have over the years developed large and small solutions for a variety of municipalities and companies. It has been complete map production systems, customized printing solutions and useful macros. With the right tools the work will be more efficient and errors minimized.

We can help you with:

  • Complete system solutions
  • Customized drawing tools
  • New functions and commands adapted for you workflows
  • Import and export of data
  • Vizualisation
  • Training

You can also buy software in our webshop or download freeware.


No software works perfectly right out of the box. This is especially true for a CAD program like MicroStation. By enforcing company standards (cell library, line styles, layers menues and tool boxes) you get a program that is easier to use and result in standardized drawings and high-quality end products.

System configuration

MicroStation, probably the most configurable software in the world! This means possibilities but also challanges.

  • How to create the perfect network installation?
  • Company standards should be used at the same time as individual settings for users, projects and departments.
  • Where are my settings stored?
  • The dwg exports looks weird.

By going through the needs and requirementswe  can create a reliable and effective MicroStation environment that ensures proper settings for all users. This creates satisfied users who see opportunities instead of problems.


Good training that addresses the actual needs is the best investment a company can make. Skilled users finds solutions instead of problems.

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