MicroStation FDO Reader featured in MicroStation Connections

Welcome back to work!

To make the transition from holiday to work a bit smoother I would like to recommend some reading. The online magazin MicroStation Connections has an article about our software MicroStation FDO Reader.  We are happy that this exciting software is recognized and hopefully the article will encourage more users to give it a try.

Since the original article had the missleading title ”MicroStation FDO Reader replaces Bentley Map” I got some comments asking wheater I really thought this was an replacement for Bentley Map. Of course not! It was just the result of a over creative journalist. Well, this has been changed and hopefully everyone understands that the FDO Reader is a great software but not a replacement for the versatile Bentley Map.

Go on, read the article.


For more technical information about the software have a look at our site.

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