New railway engineers trained

In Sweden, MicroStation often ends up second to AutoCAD, since that software, in many cases, is concidered industry standard. One notable exception, however, is the rail industry where MicroStation has become a de-facto standard. This means that most educations for railway engineers includes a CAD course in MicroStation.

I’ve just finished tutoring the course “Railway-specific software” for Campus Varberg. The purpose of the course is to provide a good knowledge of MicroStation as a design tools for 2D and 3D. Both Campus Varberg, Nackademin and Stockholm Technical Institute (STI) has chosen to focus entirely on MicroStation for their CAD courses. In addition to MicroStation the course also cover BVADM which is a basic program for drawing and print handling provided by Trafikverket.

This month I will do a new course at STI and this time there are more than 30 pupils that will be educated in CAD according to Bentley!

And as the good teacher I will of course share a tip from the course.

Are you tired of not being able to snap when placing a fence? Well, don’t be. Pressing Shift+Ctrl while placing the fence activates snapping!

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